Every cell has a story to tell. How would you like to discover yours? 

  • Are you a PhD student?
  • Did you always have an experiment in mind but couldn’t find the right technology to carry it out?
  • Do you have your PI’s support?

Join MaxWell Biosystems’ Cell Story Challenge 2018.
Tell us about your ideas and take your chance to win $2000.

Our technology can be used to perform long-term, label-free functional imaging for a wide range of biological preparations: cultures of primary or iPSC-derived neurons and cardiomyocytes, 3D tissues like brain slices, retina, organoids and any other biological preparation with excitable cells.

If your research involves any of these cell preparations, then you are eligible for this challenge. At MaxWell Biosystems, we are curious to find out how our high-resolution electrophysiology platform can facilitate your research projects.


Deadline to submit applications: 30th of November 2018.

Disclaimer: By joining the Cell Story Challenge 2018 competition, you agree to allow MaxWell Biosystems to use, adapt, and publish all texts, images, and materials that you provided in your application.