MaxWell Biosystems Team Event 2019

MxW Team Event 2019

A day in Zurich with MaxWell Biosystems!

MxW Annual Team Event—to celebrate the third year anniversary of MaxWell Biosystems, the MxW Team gathered in Zurich on the 3rd of October, to enjoy a wonderful day while looking back at these three amazing years.

Zurich Instruments

At 9:45 AM, the entire team gathered at Technopark Zurich. This would be the location of the first activity of the day. We were warmly welcomed by Dr. Sadik Hafizovic (CEO) and Dr. Flavio Heer (CTO) of Zurich Instruments. After a brief introduction, they toured us around their headquarters and gave us a window into their operations. This was followed by several interesting presentations, which gave us valuable insights to the growth of a fellow ETH spin-off. The MxW Team would like to thank Sadik, Flavio and everyone at Zurich Instruments for the inspirational and informative morning!

New Headquarters

MaxWell Biosystems Celebrations

After the first stop, it was time to move to the next activity of the day. It came as a surprise to many that the next location would be our new office in Zurich (more about this in our January 2020 blog). After the first impressions, we explored the still empty space that will be our new home and visualized how great it will be working there. Furthermore, we introduced ourselves to our new neighbors for the upcoming years. This was followed by a toast to acknowledge the amazing boost 2019 brought us and enjoyed lunch while chatting at our future multi-function room.

Lake Zurich Boat Tour

MaxWell Biosystems Lake Zurich Tour

Following the celebratory lunch, it was time for us to get to know our new surroundings. After a short drive, the team disembarked the bus at the dock of Thalwil. Here, the team was split over three boats to enjoy a sunny  boat tour on Lake Zurich. During the boat ride memories were recalled, beers were drank and we enjoyed the stunning environment surrounding our new home. After two and a half hours of sunshine, blue skies, alpine views and relaxation, the team disembarked and the three boats were reunited.

Final Stop

Once arrived in the municipality of Wädenswil, the team walked to its final destination namely: Wädi-Brau-Huus also known as the local brewery. Here, we got a tour of the local brewing facilities and an introduction on how to brew beer. The team not only tasted the various types of locally-brewed beer, but also got to tap and bottle their own beer. Thereafter, the team sat down to enjoy the various beers served by the brewery and an extensive meal served at the Gasthaus.

To conclude, the MxW team had an eventful day full of joy, laughter and team bonding. We look forward to the upcoming years together! Thank you for being part of the MxW Journey!