A snowy day in Flumserberg!

MxW Ski-Day— to familiarize ourselves with the new surroundings of our office and to enjoy the winter season, the MxW Team travelled to Flumserberg on the 5th of March, to enjoy a snowy, cold and active day in the Swiss alps!

The Journey

At 7:06 AM, the Basel group gathered in SBB Platform 6 to take the train to Zurich. Upon arrival they joined the rest of the MxW Team to take the train together to the municipality of Quarten. This would be the location of the first ever MaxWell Snow-Day! In the train, the team was informed by Sophie about everything we needed to know for today. Furthermore, the beautiful train-ride along both Zürichsee and Walensee set the stage for a cold but active day!

Gray Morning

Upon arrival at the Unterterzen station, the team got the ski lift tickets and took the Gondola lift up to Tannenboden. Although the bottom of the mountains with green fields announced a summer day, the MxW Team was welcomed by a snowy winter-wonderland on top of the mountain. Here two groups were formed: the skiers and the non-skiers! The skiers immediately went to the right side of the mountain, towards the Sächsmoor, and enjoyed speeding down several black and red slopes. As it was a Thursday, there was ample space on the slopes and the waiting time for the ski-lifts was minimum! While the skiers and snowboarders were enjoying the slopes, several members of the MxW Team were engaged in their first planned activity of the day. They went on a guided snow shoe tour! Passing by streams and a forest as the snow was falling made it an enchanting experience.


After the entire team had enjoyed a morning full of winter activities, it was time to convene again for a team lunch. Both the ski and snow shoe groups gathered at Alprestaurant Panüöl to energize for the second part of the day! Furthermore, everyone enjoyed local Swiss cuisines such as Steiner’s Käsehörnli and the Swiss Hackbraten (Meatloaf). These tasty dishes were combined with some local beers while the MxW Team discussed various topics from the morning: Who was the fastest skier, who made the funniest comment and who was most likely to fall in the afternoon. Once the questions had been answered and our tummies were filled, it was time to continue with the activities.

Sunny Afternoon


Once again, the MxW split in two groups for a wonderful afternoon. The sun had come out and it had stopped snowing, providing optimal conditions for the second part of the MxW ski-day. Once again, half of the MxW Team went to the slopes to ski or snowboard. This time however the left side of the area, towards the Prodkamm and Prodalp was explored! Meanwhile, the others went sledging. After both groups were exhausted and had completed their afternoon activities, they convened at the bottom of Flumserberg and took the train back to Zurich and Basel.

To conclude, the MxW Team enjoyed a winter day full of activities, team spirit and enjoyment!