Update from MaxWell Biosystems

Over the past weeks, we have witnessed the rapid spread of COVID-19 around the world. On a sunny day such as today, it is still hard to imagine how severe the situation is. However, we are very much aware that for many, the crisis is dramatic. We are extremely grateful to all the people in healthcare relentlessly working to keep us safe. The same goes to everyone shouldering a part of the burden so that we all as a society…

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MxW Celebrates: Team Event

A day in Zurich with MaxWell Biosystems! MxW Annual Team Event—to celebrate the third year anniversary of MaxWell Biosystems, the MxW Team gathered in Zurich on the 3rd of October, to enjoy a wonderful day while looking back at these three amazing years. Zurich Instruments At 9:45 AM, the entire team gathered at Technopark Zurich. This would be the location of the first activity of the day. We were warmly welcomed by Dr. Sadik Hafizovic (CEO) and Dr. Flavio Heer (CTO)…

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