MxW Summit 2023 | Program


Scientific Topics:

Neural Stem Cells and Organoids

Brain Development

Brain Microcircuit Function and Dysfunction

Disease Modeling and Drug Discovery

Controlled Neural Networks

Cutting-Edge Neurotechnologies

Advanced Electrophysiology Techniques

Computational Neuroscience

Full Program:

We are excited to share with you the program for the 3rd In-Vitro 2D & 3D Neuronal Networks Summit. The program includes information about our speakers, poster sessions, workshops, and other activities taking place during the conference. Below you can view the daily program.

Download the Full Program

Agenda at a glance:

The final program will be shared shortly. Please visit this page for further updates.

Are you curious about the benefits of using HD-MEA’s? This is for you:

  • Live demo showcasing high-resolution functional imaging of neural 2D and 3D samples on MaxWell Biosystems’ HD-MEA platform
  • Presentation of results from neuronal samples using MxW HD-MEA technology.
  • Demonstration of the potential of HD-MEA technology for characterizing the physiological function of neural samples and for testing compounds

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