Recently we participated in our first conference in 2018. Our CEO, Urs Frey, attended the Neural Interfaces 2018 meeting at the Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv, Israel. As a sponsor, we had the opportunity to display our technology at an exhibition booth. Furthermore, Urs presented our technology during a presentation entitled “CMOS-MEAs for characterizing neuronal dynamics in vitro at high spatiotemporal resolution”. 

The Conference

The Neural Interfaces 2018 conference was a three day-meeting held at the Bar Ilan University. This year the conference ran from March 5-7. World-leading scientists with a wide variety of backgrounds attended the meeting. Through lectures, tutorials and posters both researchers discussed the future directions of neural interfaces for both in vivo and in vitro applications. Inspirational keynotes were given by Prof. Charles Lieber, Harvard, about tissue like brain probes and Prof. Muming Poo, Chinese Academy of Science, about the Chinese Brain Project. 

Urs Frey had a great time at the conference in Tel Aviv and MaxWell Biosystems would thus like to thank the organizers for all their help. The next opportunity to meet MaxWell Biosystems will be at the ISSCR 2018 conference in Melbourne!