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Welcome to the MaxWell Biosystems landing page for the SOT Annual Meeting 2021.On this page you can learn more about MaxWell Biosystems by:

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  • Watching our webinars to learn more about using MaxOne and MaxTwo for iPSC-derived neurons

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Download our product brochures and application notes.

ProductDocument TypeDocument TitleDownload
MaxOneProduct BrochureMaxOne Brochure
MaxOne Brochure
PDF (1.2MB)

MaxTwoProduct BrochureMaxTwo Brochure
PDF (393KB)

MaxOne, MaxTwoAxonTracking AssayAxonTracking Assay


MaxOneRetina Application BrochureMaxOne for Retina Brochure
MaxOne Retina

PDF (200KB)
MaxOneBrain Slice Application BrochureMaxOne for Brain Slice Brochure
MaxOne Retina

PDF (1.6MB)
MaxTwoOrganoids Application BrochureMaxTwo for Brain Organoids Brochure
MaxTwo Organoids
PDF (1.6MB)
MaxOneiPSC Application BrochureMaxOne Brochure - iPSC
MaxOne Brochure


Co-hosted with FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics:Electrophysiological Phenotype Characterization of Human iPSC-Derived Neuronal Cell Lines by Means of High-Density Microelectrode Arrays



Morphological, functional & transcriptomic correlation of retinal organoids to the human retina



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