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What’s your cell story?
Characterizing the activity of human iPSC derived-neurons in 2D and 3D cultures at high resolution



Dr. Marie Obien
VP Marketing and Sales at MaxWell Biosystems




Dr. Silvia Ronchi
Scientific Application Specialist at MaxWell Biosystems

Giulio Zorzi
Product Manager & Application Engineer at MaxWell Biosystems


Alongside our participation at the SfN Annual Meeting 2021, we will host two sessions presenting you replays of a Case Study presentation based on a paper published at Advanced Biology and our MaxTwo showcase. Both will be followed by a Live Q&A session. During these sessions, we will introduce our technology, products and applications and allow all attendees to ask questions to our team during the live Q&A session.

These sessions will be hosted by Dr. Marie Obien who will briefly introduce the company, technology, products and applications. The case study is presented by Dr. Silvia Ronchi, which is entitled, “Electrophysiological phenotype characterization of human iPSC derived-neuronal cell lines by means of high-density microelectrode arrays”, highlighting how the neuronal activity in 2D samples can be easily captured, label-free, at single-cell resolution by using MaxWell Biosystems’ high-density microelectrode array (HD-MEA) platforms. Giulio Zorzi showcases MaxTwo, a powerful system to characterize the function of human iPSC-derived neurons that can help you advance your research in different applications. The presentations will be followed by a live Q&A session.

Overall, the presentations will provide an overview on how HD-MEA technology can efficiently advance research in 2D and 3Dhuman derived from induced pluripotent stems cells (hiPSCs) brain models, as promising tools for investigating development, disease progression, and to test drug toxicity/efficacy in-vitro, and accelerate drug development for neurodegenerative diseases.


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