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MxW Bulletin | Edition No. 1 | 2022
Time flies! It's already mid-summer here in Switzerland and we hope the first half of the year has been great for you as it has been for us here at MaxWell Biosystems! 

Here are some of the things that have been lifting up our energies. We are very excited to see many articles published showcasing results using our HD-MEA technology. We had our second edition of the In-Vitro 2D & 3D Neuronal Networks Summit with over 600 attendees. The company continues to grow with new MaxWell team members. Our most awaited AxonTracking Assay is released. We are back to traveling around the world, exhibiting in conferences and visiting our customers, partners, and collaborators. We have new marketing materials prepared, articles, ongoing R&D and much more! 

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All of us at MaxWell Biosystems wish you a wonderful Summer Season!

Marie and the MaxWell Biosystems Team

MaxLab Live Assay

AxonTracking Assay | A Novel Approach

During the second quarter of the year, we announced the release of the latest MaxLab Live Version, with access to the most-awaited AxonTracking Assay.
Our High-Density Microelectrode Array (HD-MEA) systems, MaxOne and MaxTwo, allow the detection of action potential propagation from the initiation site down to distal axonal branches, at unprecedented resolution and high signal quality. With the AxonTracking Assay, the identification of the axonal paths is fully automated, label-free, at the micrometer scale. This live-cell recording and analysis provides novel functional and structural readouts applicable for phenotypic characterization, disease modeling, and drug screening studies.
Key Features:
Automated | The fully automated platform is easy to use and allows for simultaneous recordings of multiple neurons and axonal branches in multiple wells.

Long-Term | Characterize neuronal maturation, development or treatment effects by recording from your culture over multiple days and weeks.

Label-Free | The electrical recordings are non-invasive and label-free, which avoids introducing side effects from dyes etc.
Key Advantages:
High Spatio-Temporal Resolution

Reconstruct axonal paths by tracking Action Potential propagation at thousands of sites, thanks to the densely packed microelectrode array.
Large Sensor Area

Detect long axonal branches of multiple neurons at the same time with a large sensor area, applicable for 2D and 3D samples.
High Signal Quality

Catch the smallest signals propagating along axons, down to single micro-volts-range, with low-noise recording channels.
Learn More:
AxonTracking Assay Brochure | Access Here
AxonTracking Assay Webpage | Access Here

AxonTracking Assay Competition

Track your Neuron to WIN!

Do you have a cool image of a tracked neuron using our AxonTracking Assay? 

Share your image and you could win a $2000 Travel Grant to SfN 2022 in San Diego!
How to Participate:

•    Send an email to with the subject: *AxonTracking Assay Competition*
•    Attach the image or link and share a short description of the experiment (max. 100 words)

Last date to enter is October 5th at 17:00 (CEST)! Good Luck! 

Note: If you want to track your neurons and you don't have the AxonTracking Assay yet, contact us!

*Terms and Conditions apply
Send us your image now | Click here


Latest Publications Featuring MxW Technology

Below is a selection of the latest publications featuring MaxWell Biosystems technology:

Functional Neuronal Circuitry and Oscillatory Dynamics in Human Brain Organoids

Tal Sharf, Tjitse van der Molen, Stella M. K. Glasauer, Elmer Guzman, Alessio P. Buccino, Gabriel Luna, Zhuowei Cheng, Morgane Audouard, Kamalini G. Ranasinghe, Kiwamu Kudo, Srikantan S. Nagarajan, Kenneth R. Tovar, Linda R. Petzold, Andreas Hierlemann, Paul K. Hansma and Kenneth Kosik

Nature Communications, July 2022 (DOI:

Suppression Without Inhibition: How Retinal Computation Contributes to Saccadic Suppression

Saad Idrees, Matthias-Philipp Baumann, Maria M. Korympidou, Timm Schubert, Alexandra Kling, Katrin Franke, Ziad M. Hafed, Felix Franke and Thomas A. Münch 

Communications Biology, July 2022 (DOI:

Functional Imaging of Brain Organoids using High-Density Microelectrode Arrays

Manuel Schröter, Congwei Wang, Marco Terrigno, Philipp Hornauer, Ziqiang Huang, Ravi Jagasia and Andreas Hierlemann  

MRS Bulletin, June 2022 (DOI:

Aging-Dependent Altered Transcriptional Programs Underlie Activity Impairments in Human C9orf72-Mutant Motor Neurons

Daniel Sommer, Sandeep Rajkumar, Mira Seidel, Amr Aly, Albert Ludolph, Ritchie Ho, Tobias M. Boeckers and Alberto Catanese

Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience, June 2022 (DOI:


A Biodegradable Magnetic Microrobot Based on Gelatin Methacrylate for Precise Delivery of Stem Cells with Mass Production Capability

Seungmin Noh, Sungwoong Jeon, Eunhee Kim, Untaek Oh, Danbi Park, Sun Hwa Park, Sung Won Kim, Salvador Pané, Bradley J. Nelson, Jin-young Kim, Hongsoo Choi

Small, May 2022 (DOI:

Recording Saltatory Conduction Along Sensory Axons Using a High-Density Microelectrode Array

Kenta Shimba, Takahiro Asahina, Koji Sakai, Kiyoshi Kotani and Yasuhiko Jimbo

Frontiers in Neuroscience, April 2022 (DOI:

Engineered Biological Neural Networks on High Density CMOS Microelectrode Arrays

Jens Duru, Joël Küchler, Stephan J. Ihle, Csaba Forró, Aeneas Bernardi,
Sophie Girardin, Julian Hengsteler, Stephen Wheeler, János Vörös and Tobias Ruff

Frontiers in Neuroscience, February 2022 (DOI:

Autism Genes Converge on Asynchronous Development of Shared Neuron Classes

Bruna Paulsen*, Silvia Velasco*, Amanda J. Kedaigle*, Martina Pigoni*, Giorgia Quadrato, Anthony J. Deo, Xian Adiconis, Ana Uzquiano, Rafaela Sartore, Sung Min Yang, Sean K. Simmons, Panagiotis Symvoulidis, Kwanho Kim, Kalliopi Tsafou, Archana Podury, Catherine Abbate, Ashley Tucewicz, Samantha N. Smith, Alexandre Albanese, Lindy Barrett, Neville E. Sanjana, Xi Shi, Kwanghun Chung, Kasper Lage, Edward S. Boyden, Aviv Regev, Joshua Z. Levin and Paola Arlotta 

*These authors contributed equally

Nature, February 2022 (DOI:
All Publications featuring MaxWell Biosystems | Access Here
Did we not highlight your work? We are doing our best to monitor all publications where our technology has been used, but we may occasionally not be aware or overlook some works. Please let us know by sending an email to so that we can feature your research in our website and newsletters. Feel free to also let us know if you will present in any upcoming conferences or events so that we can also share it in our social media and other channels. Thank you!

ISSCR 2022

Looking Back at the Conference

We were very happy to once again attend ISSCR 2022 in-person. It was great to see the advances in stem cell research and regenerative medicine, as presented in the talks and posters. And of course, it was a pleasure meeting great people at our booth and Innovation Showcase onsite and online! We hope everybody enjoyed it, as much as we did!
Check all our Activities during ISSCR 2022 | Click Here
Exhibition at ISSCR-2022

Did you miss ISSCR-2022 or were you there but did not manage to visit us at the booth?

Follow Marie Obien on a short visit through our booth featuring our HD-MEA technology, brochures, and gifts!
Innovation Showcase

Title | Next-generation in-vitro assays: Characterizing the activity of human iPSC-derived neurons in 2D and 3D cultures at high resolution

Onsite | Invited speakers
Dr. Bruna Paulsen
Arlotta Lab, Harvard University, USA
Dr. Marián Hruška-Plocháň
Polymenidou Lab, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Online | Invited speakers
Dr. Kenta Shimba
Jimbo Lab, University of Tokyo, Japan
Dr. David Pamies
Zurich Fontanellaz Lab, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Innovation Showcase Online | Click Here to Watch the Replay

MaxWell Biosystems Around the World

From Conference to Conference

We caught up with some of our MaxWellers that have been busy representing MaxWell Biosystems around the world at conferences such as ISSCR, FENS, CAN and many more in between. After some rest we wanted to know all about their experiences while traveling and any hints and tips they would like to share. Here is what they have to say!

Praveena, one of our Senior Scientists highlighted why conferences are so important for the scientific community. 

“My favourite thing about going to conferences is learning about new cutting-edge technology and using this knowledge to inspire my own research. Making connections with other scientists are also important for developing strong collaborations, as good science requires interdisciplinary and multi-institutional efforts. Finally, conferences are an important way for scientists to present their research to the scientific community and receive invaluable feedback.” 

Martina, our Field Application Scientist, told us about her one essential item to bring to a conference: 

“Comfortable shoes! Conference venues can be quite big and there is so much to see! Better being ready to jump from one talk to another, from a poster session to another and let's not forget about the exhibitions, so full with new exciting products for research and goodies. Comfortable shoes are key!”  

Our Field Application Scientist, Ed, pointed out how his hobbies and career have aligned making conferences the perfect time to try new things.  

“With my passion for travel in my off-time and for work, "new" is harder and harder to come by. Local dishes I try for sure, but also local drinks. Always love to try the local beer and liquor. I usually bring some home actually ."

Tina, our Marketing Operations Representative, gave us some insight into what a typical day at a conference is like. 

“If I had to describe a typical day at a conference in three words, I would say: Exciting, busy and educational! Alongside this, the days are filled with meeting new people, learning about new technologies and advances in science.” 

Our Scientific Marketing Specialist, Diana, explained why she loves representing MaxWell Biosystems at conferences across the globe.

“At MaxWell Biosystems we focus our attention on people and relationships, and this is further emphasized when we attend conferences. I get to meet people from around the world, share our vision, technology, and products with a genuine smile on my face. Because of this I always enjoy representing MaxWell Biosystems and it never feels like work!”
More Answers from MaxWellers | Read Here

 Second In-Vitro 2D & 3D Neuronal Networks Summit

Looking Back and Replays

Did you miss any of the talks? Do not worry! You can still watch most of the talks from the summit.
Replays | Access Here


We are Growing!

The MaxWell Team keeps growing!

We would like to welcome aboard the new MaxWellers, who join us in dedicating all efforts to bringing the best tools for our customers to discover their cell's story!


New MaxWellers Wanted!

MaxWell Biosystems is expanding and we are looking for new colleagues to join us in innovating the future of electrophysiology for drug discovery and basic research.

Are you motivated, innovative and committed to delivering first-rate performance? Have you ever wanted to work with cutting-edge technology involving both engineering and biology? Do you enjoy working in an international, multidisciplinary, and diverse team? Then we might have a position for you!

We have several open positions and are about to open several more. If you are interested, please check our Careers page or send your inquiry to

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