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Functional characterization of human iPSC-derived neurons at single-cell resolution (単一細胞解像度でのヒトiPS細胞由来ニューロンの機能的特製評価)
 2020年4月23日  |  5pm (CET), 8am (PST), 11am (EDT),




Dr. Marie Obien
VP Marketing and Sales at MaxWell Biosystems

Dr. Michele Fiscella
VP Scientific Affairs at MaxWell Biosystems

Recent developments in induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology have enabled easier access to human cells in vitro. With increasing availability of human iPSC-derived neurons, both healthy and disease cell lines, screening compounds for neurodegenerative diseases on human cells can potentially be performed in the earlier stages of drug discovery. To accelerate the functional characterization of iPSC-derived neurons and the effect of compounds, reproducible and relevant results are necessary.

In this webinar, the speakers will:

  • Introduce high-resolution functional imaging of human iPSC-derived neurons
  • Showcase how to extract functional features of hundreds of cells in a cell culture sample label-free
  • Discuss electrophysiological parameters for characterizing the differences among several human neuronal cell lines


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