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Fast and Accurate Spike Sorting for Thousands of Channels
January 14, 2021  |  5pm (CET), 8am (PST), 11am (EDT)


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Dr. Marie Obien
VP Marketing and Sales at MaxWell Biosystems




Dr. Szilard Sajgo
Application Specialist at MaxWell Biosystems

Dr. Pierre Yger
Researcher at Institut de la Vision


Understanding how assemblies of neurons encode information requires recording of large populations of cells. In recent years, high-density multi-electrode arrays (HD-MEAs) and silicon probes have been developed to record simultaneously from thousands of electrodes. Each electrode records from multiple surrounding neurons at the same time. In order to assign electrical signals recorded by HD-MEAs to individual neurons, a critical step called spike sorting needs to be performed . During this step, the extracellular action potentials originating from hundreds to thousands of neurons need to be disentangled from the background noise and from each other.

In this webinar, our speakers will:

  • explain the basic concept of spike sorting and highlight how HD-MEAs facilitate reliable spike clustering.
  • present a fast and accurate spike sorting algorithm, validated with in vivo and in vitro ground truth experiments.
  • explain how the SpyKING CIRCUS software is optimized for solving temporally overlapping spikes in large-scale extracellular recordings.

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