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Founded in September 2016 as an ETH Zürich spin-off, MaxWell Biosystems is a technology leader providing instrumentation and solutions to boost scientific research and development in neurosciences, stem cell and tissue engineering, ophthalmology, and other fields involving electrogenic cells. MaxOne (single-well) and MaxTwo (multi-well) are easy-to-use systems that equip scientists with the ability to record electrical signals of neurons in in-vitro 2D and 3D models at network, cellular, and subcellular levels. MaxWell Biosystems’ main goal is to be a trusted partner to all users and collaborators, for a greater cause, of advancing scientific breakthroughs and for achieving faster and more effective drug discovery, through our products, solutions, and expertise.

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Have you ever wanted to work with cutting-edge technology involving both engineering and biology? Do you enjoy working in an international, multidisciplinary, and interactive team, be it marketing, operations, research, or product development?

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Contact our Field Application Scientists today to learn more about our HD-MEA solutions. With our technology you can discover the function of your neurons at the network, cellular and subcellular level. You can use our HD-MEAs for your research, disease modelling and drug discovery.

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