MaxWell BiosystemsMaxWell Biosystems AG is an electronics and biotechnology company based in Zurich, Switzerland that provides instrumentation and solutions to advance neuroscience research and accelerate drug discovery. The company was incorporated in September 2016.

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Cell Imaging Platform to Accelerate Drug Discovery

Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and CRISPR/Cas biotechnology breakthroughs increase the need for fast screening of disease models. MaxWell Biosystems AG develops and distributes the most advanced electrophysiology cell-imaging platform for high-throughput assays to accelerate preclinical drug discovery, basic research, safety pharmacology and personalized medicine.

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High-Resolution MEA Technology

MaxWell Biosystems’ microeletrode array (MEA) technology can augment and complement high-content imaging systems by providing functional, electrophysiological readouts. The technology is based on micro-sensor fabricated in CMOS technology and enables readouts with high signal quality, high resolution and high throughput.

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