iPSC-derived Neurons

Study of iPSC-derived Neurons 

MaxOne and MaxTwo are best suited for long-term and label-free analysis of induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) -derived neurons.

  • Mono-culture and co-culture (e.g., with astrocytes)
  • Disease model cells
  • Spheroids and Organoids



Watch our iPSC webinar that introduces high-resolution functional imaging of human iPSC-derived neurons




What You Can Do

Evaluate Cell Function During Development
Track Cell Culture Activity Across Multiple Days and Obtain high-resolution activity maps of iPSC cultures using electrical activity

*Data from iPSC-derived Dopaminergic Neurons

MaxOne and MaxTwo enable recording of neuronal activity and label-free electrical imaging of whole samples. The extracellular action potential (EAP) activity map obtained provides information on:

  • Location of spontaneously active cells
  • EAP amplitude
  • Spike rate

Characterize Network Connectivity and Synchrony
Analyze functional connectivity and synchrony of iPSC-derived neuronal cultures

MaxOne and MaxTwo allow long-term tracking of active neurons. Connectivity and synchrony can be extracted from:

  • Network burst features (burst frequency, length, amplitude, etc.)
  • Pairwise correlations in neuronal spike trains
  • Response to selective electrical stimulation

Investigate Cell Maturity and Excitability
Study propagation of action potentials along axonal arbors of hundreds of iPSC-derived neurons simultaneously


MaxOne and MaxTwo capture the activity of neurons at high signal quality and unprecedented spatio-temporal resolution, allowing the detection of action potentials along axons.

  • Observe axonal action potential propagation of single neurons across multiple days.
  • Analyze axonal conduction velocity.
  • Compare axonal action potential propagation between healthy and disease model cell lines.

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