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MaxOne Tissue Holder    

One of the biggest challenge to obtain reproducible results within electrophysiological recordings with acute brain slices or retina is a proper attachment of the tissue on the electrode array. Enter MaxOne Tissue Holder.

The MaxOne Tissue Holder is a reliable tool to flatten the tissue onto the MaxOne MEA sensor area during recordings and maintain the tissue’s placement throughout the experiment. It allows for simple plugin of perfusion systems, whose outlet tubes can be mounted on top of the MaxOne’s magnetic plate.  The Tissue Holder also allows access to take images of the sample and to project light stimuli for retina or optogenetics studies.

Key Specifications

Stable, compact build

  • Total weight (kg): 1.7
  • Bottom plate (cm2): 32.4 x 13.4
  • Mountable on microscope stages
    • metric and imperial scales are available

3-axis micromanipulator

  • Travel distance (mm): 
    • X axis: ±7
    • Y axis: ±7
    • Z axis: ±10
  • High precision pressure to flatten tissue sample
  • Easy in or out movement on a smooth slider
  • Z-position indication using a scale 

Replaceable inserts

  • Material: PMMA
  • Include holes for perfusion tubes
  • To be used with a fine mesh or membrane
  • Glass coverslip for clear liquid-air interface

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