Meet the MaxWell Biosystems Users

At MaxWell Biosystems we believe the best way to showcase the potential of our products is to hear directly from our users.

Read our testimonials below to see how our HD-MEA systems can help your research.

Jens Duru – MaxOne HD-MEA System and MaxOne Chip for PDMS Applications

Laboratory of Biosensors and Bioelectronics (LBB), ETH Zurich, Switzerland, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Janos Vörös

“The MaxOne Chip for PDMS Applications provides the same high electrode density
as the previous MaxOne chip. We appreciate most about the new chip that its surface is flat, which enables hassle-free adhesion of PDMS microstructures.”

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Dr. Maria Sundberg – MaxTwo Multi-Well HD-MEA System

Sahin Lab, Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Neurology Department, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sahin

“With MaxLab Live Software we analyze the neuronal network firing rates, network bursting phenotypes, and perform axon tracking for analyses of the neuronal branches and their functionality at single cell level.”

Read more about how our systems are powering Dr. Maria Sundberg’s research >>>

Danny McSweeney – MaxOne HD-MEA System 

Pak Lab, University of Massachusetts Amherst, United States, coordinated by Prof. Dr. ChangHui Pak

“The built-in analysis module was the best part of the MaxLab Live Software. The ability to easily analyze data with the MaxLab Live Software was wonderful, with suggested defaults, multiple export runs in single files and further data wrangling and graphing.”

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Dr. Rouhollah Habibey – MaxOne HD-MEA System 

Busskamp Lab, University of Bonn, Germany, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Volker Busskamp

“We use the Network and Activity scan to track the dynamic changes in activity maps of growing networks of human iPSC-derived neurons over time. We found that these changes in activity image matches well with dynamics of growing network morphology.”

Read more about how our systems are powering Dr. Rouhollah Habibey’s research >>>

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