MaxLab Live Software Suite for Large-Scale Data Handling

We designed a suite of cutting-edge software modules to streamline your research process and enhance your results.

With these modules, you can effortlessly analyze thousands of datasets simultaneously in one seamless experience. Embrace unprecedented efficiency, allowing you to focus on the insights and discoveries that truly matter.

We recognize the importance of presenting your research findings with impact. The MaxLab Live Software is engineered to empower you to craft publication-ready figures with ease. Elevate the visual appeal and professionalism of your research reports, supporting your efforts in communicating your scientific results to your peers and collaborators.

The enhanced software modules designed to elevate your research include:

Annotation Tab

Streamlined annotation editing with batch changes at any time, effortlessly!

The Annotation Tab enables easy creation and editing of custom annotations in plate or table view, with intuitive visualization of condition-based grouping and automatic days in vitro (DIV) calculation for future recordings.

Explore the upgraded Annotations Tab, a practical tool to help you set up your past and future experiments. Experience simplified navigation and analysis of your extensive data. It facilitates the grouping of past and future assays based on common properties and enables the creation of new well properties across projects to meet diverse experimental requirements.

  • Effortlessly batch edit annotations across multiple experiments, assay types or any MaxWell Biosystems’ HD-MEA system. Easily add, remove or modify annotations, and make your own custom annotations.
  • Enjoy an intuitive user interface with two viewing options (Table View or Plates View) for seamless navigation, filtering, sorting, and selection of recordings.
  • Set up annotations for future recordings, such as adding Plating Date to automatically calculate days in vitro (DIV) for all future recordings.

Effortlessly navigate and group past recordings using a single intuitive window, optimizing well parameters for recordings and further analysis.

Lay the foundations for future experiments by setting up the properties of all wells in advance.

Batch Analysis Module

Analyze hundreds (even thousands) of datasets seamlessly!

Examining datasets individually can be a time-consuming task, especially when dealing with extensive datasets. Utilizing the efficiency of the Batch Analysis Module along with Report Generation Module for visually appealing grid plots will streamline your data handling process.

The Batch Analysis module allows for simultaneous analysis of large-scale datasets using the same analysis parameters, facilitating seamless analysis of thousands of datasets. Accelerating your insights through efficient, streamlined analysis, and straighforward data consolidation:

  • Filter, sort, and select recordings using our user-friendly file manager, ‘Assay Selection’.
  • Experience faster analysis, eliminating the need for manual, step-by-step clicks, saving both time and enhancing data processing efficiency.
  • Enable automatic and streamlined re-analysis options for aligning analysis parameters across various experiments.
  • Streamline data analysis by batch exporting all analyzed metrics into a single file.
  • Access a quick, automatically generated overview of your results for easy interpretation of your datasets.

Effortlessly analyze extensive datasets—hundreds or even thousands of recordings. Choose specific well combinations for analysis, leveraging pre-established groupings and annotations for precision and efficiency.

Visualize comprehensive figures and results to provide quick overview of your data as well as seamlessly exporting your data into a single metrics file.

Report Generation Module

Elevate your reports with publication-ready figures!

Harness the power of the Report Generation Module, a toolkit designed to simplify your report creation process. With user-friendly customization options for layouts, plots, and graphs, you can effortlessly craft polished, publication-ready figures, and reports.

  • Select your preferred figures and easily personalize them by modifying titles and text to suit your preferences.
  • Combine results from multiple recordings across all experiments and present your findings with flexibility using layouts such as the Pivot Table or customize using the Manual Table. 
  • Export figures and reports with versatility after perfecting them, including the widely compatible PDF format.
  • Utilize reports for various dissemination formats, including Publication Figures, Presentation Slides, Internal Reports, Scientific Posters, and more.

The Report Generation Module is an excellent tool for visualizing and presenting data in various formats, such as for poster or internal reports. It facilitates the effortless assessment of differences between conditions and timepoints.


We provide training and support on all aspects of MaxLab Live Software assays and modules. To learn more about these MaxLab Live Software Modules, please Contact Us.

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