MaxOne HD-MEA System

MaxOne High-Density Microelectrode Array (HD-MEA) System

MaxOne, the most powerful electrophysiology platform for recording and stimulating electrogenic cells in vitro. MaxOne is a high-density microelectrode array (HD-MEA) system in a single-well format.

Product Overview

MaxWell Biosystems’ MaxOne is a CMOS-based HD-MEA, an electrical imaging system for neuroscience, drug discovery, and cell assessment applications. MaxOne captures high-quality signals at sub cellular resolution from acute tissue experiments (e.g., brain slices, retina) and long-term culture experiments. Simultaneous recordings can be performed by running up to 4 recording units in one system.

MaxOne HD-MEA system allows for easy and vibration-free insertion of the MEA device. It can operate inside cell-culture incubators. Accessories are available for perfusion-compatibility. Microscopy of samples on the HD-MEA surface can be performed using upright objectives. Overall, MaxOne a powerful HD-MEA applicable to all in-vitro preparations.

Full System Key Features

  • 26,400 electrodes (9.3×5.45 sq-μm, 17.5 μm pitch)
  • 1020 low-noise readout channels
  • 32 stimulation channels
  • Large sensor area (3.85×2.10 sq-mm)
  • Switch-matrix technology for flexible array reconfiguration
  • Non-invasive, label-free
  • High-resolution activity map
  • Axonal action potential propagation tracking
  • MaxLab Live and extensive data analysis toolboxes

MaxOne System Package Options

MaxOne Full
MaxOne Basic
No. of recording channels
No. of electrode configurations
No. of stimulation channels
Whole sample electrical imaging
Axon tracking
Smart population recording
Matlab and Python data analysis tools

In the Package

Package Contents
MaxOne Full
MaxOne Basic
MaxOne System (MX1-SYS)
Software MaxLab Live Basic
 > Perpetual license
 > 256 recording channels
 > 4 fixed el. configurations
MaxOne Chip Starter Package (MX1-CHP-START)
First year MaxOne Chip Subscription
 > Including 12 MaxOne Chips (MX1-S-CHP)
MaxOne Recording Unit (MX1-BRD)
Recording PC (MX-PC)
MaxLab Live installed
On-site Training (TRN-ONSITE)
 > System setup
 > Installation training
 > Assisted tutorials
 > One day on-site
   (incl. travel and lodging expenses)
Routing Module (MX1-SW-ROUTE)*
Max Channels Module (MX1-SW-CHAN)*
Stimulation Module (MX1-SW-STIM)*
* Refer to MaxLab Live Software Modules page for details.


Other Products

The MaxTwo Multi-Well HD-MEA System is a high-throughput, high-resolution electrophysiology platform for recording and stimulating electrogenic cells in vitro. MaxTwo combines 6 or 24 MaxOne high-density microelectrode arrays in a multiwell format.

MaxLab Live


  • Acquisition and analysis software for MaxOne
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Online bandpass filtering, spike detection, and visualization of all active channels
  • Save raw data as well as spike events in standard compliant HDF5 file format
  • Records action potentials and local field potentials

Data post-processing

  • Rich set of data post-processing options
  • Built-in spike sorting
  • Extensive Matlab® and Python™ toolboxes for data analysis and visualization


We provide training and support on all aspects of the MaxOne platform. We have the expertise to help you design experiments and/or analysis tools and integrate MaxOne with your custom setup.

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