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Urs Frey

Urs Frey is the CEO at MaxWell Biosystems and a member of the founding team. Urs is responsible for running MaxWell Biosystems, business development, finances and product design.

Urs earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering at ETH Zurich before moving to at IBM Research, where he did a postdoc on mixed-signal circuit design. Later, Urs was heading an independent laboratory focusing on CMOS-based bioelectronics and biosensors at RIKEN, Japan. During the past 15 years he has built up considerable experience in project and people management. Urs is the innovator of the “switch-matrix” architecture of our microelectrode arrays.

Jan Müller

Jan Müller is MaxWell Biosystems’ CTO and a member of the founding team. Jan is responsible for technology development, innovation and supply chain management. He is the key contributor to MaxWell Biosystems’ hardware and software. Jan is the expert in MEA technology and the inventor of our core 26,000 microelectrode array.

Jan obtained his PhD from ETH Zurich (D-BSSE). He has an interdisciplinary background in computer science, electrical engineering, systems biology and computational neuroscience.

Marie Obien

VP Marketing and Sales
Marie Obien is Vice President, Marketing and Sales and is a member of the founding team of MaxWell Biosystems. Marie is a specialist in electrophysiology, with strong skills in MEAs and various techniques, including the gold-standard electrophysiology method–patch-clamp. She is the author of the currently most frequently cited review on MEAs. Marie participated in the Global Innovation Program workshop for business development in the Silicon Valley.

Marie earned her PhD in Electrical Engineering from NAIST, Japan, and obtained her training in neuroscience as a postdoctoral researcher at RIKEN, Japan.

Michele Fiscella

VP Scientific Affairs

Michele Fiscella is the Vice President, Scientific Affairs at MaxWell Biosystems and a member of the founding team. Michele is an expert in retina physiology, neuroscience and biotechnology with strong skills in electrophysiology techniques and statistics applied to biological data and analysis/modeling of neural signals. He discovered the physiological role of a gene involved in a human disease of vision, by MEA technology.

Michele obtained his Master in Molecular and Industrial Biotechnology from University of Bologna and his PhD degree from ETH Zurich.



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