MaxWell Monthly Must-Reads (October 2020)

  It is already time for the 10th edition of our monthly blog. We hope you enjoyed last month’s post about microelectrode array (MEA) technology for drug screening as well as our previous posts about a variety of scientific topics (Beta Cells, Burst Detection, Axons, Retina, Organoids, Human iPSC-Derived Neurons, Neurons and Viruses and Spike Sorting). In our October edition, we highlight the latest developments on Neuroengineering, with a focus on development of technologies for manipulating neural networks. We highlighted the article written by Kim et al. which describes a…

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MaxWell Monthly Must-Reads (July 2020)

  We have reached the second half of 2020 and thus arrived at the seventh edition of MaxWell Monthly Must-Reads. In the first four, we mainly highlighted scientific topics. In January we focused on Axons, in February on Retina and in March we picked Organoids as our main topic. Furthermore, during times of COVID-19 in April and May, we highlighted Neurons and Viruses and Spike Sorting! Last month, during ISSCR 2020, we highlighted Human iPSC-Derived Neurons. For this edition we decided to focus on Burst Detection! The bursting phenomenon is a periodic increase in…

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