Have you ever wanted to work with cutting-edge technology involving both engineering and biology? Do you enjoy working in an international, multidisciplinary, and interactive team, be it marketing, operations, research, or product development? 

Then we might have a position for you. Join us in innovating the future of electrophysiology for drug discovery and basic research.

Please have a look at the job openings listed below or send your inquires directly to

Open Positions

Computational Neuroscientist / Algorithm Engineer (100%)

Our innovative electrophysiology platform measures vast amounts of data from neuronal tissue. Due to its high spatial-temporal resolution, our technology can record data with many unique features, such as complete net- work activity, single-cell action potentials and axonal signals. These unique features allow us to extract novel and more accurate biomarkers, which enable faster and more reliable drug discovery than traditional technologies.

To strengthen our R&D team and to drive and implement this challenging task, we are now seeking for a highly motivated data scientist or engineer with a background in computational neuroscience.


We are interested in motivated individuals from a variety of backgrounds, including Biotechnology, Engineering, Computer Science, Sales and Marketing. For topics, see the open projects below or contact us directly.

Marketing and Communications Manager (100%)

As a dynamic startup-company, we are establishing very close contact with our customers and, therefore, market and sell our products in most parts of the world directly. We do this by exhibiting at conferences, organizing road- shows and seminars, and by growing our online presence in social media and website, etc. Be it in pharmaceutical industry, contract research organizations or academia, all our existing and prospective customers have a scientific background. We are therefore seeking a highly motivated marketing and communications manager with a strong interest in life sciences.


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