Have you ever wanted to work with cutting-edge technology involving both engineering and biology? Do you enjoy working in an international, multidisciplinary, and interactive team, be it marketing, operations, research, or product development? 

Then we might have a position for you. Join us in innovating the future of electrophysiology for drug discovery and basic research.

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Open Positions

Software Engineer

Our technology, which consists of a custom designed integrated circuit, an FPGA-based data acquisition platform and our software suite MaxLab Live, generates vast amounts of data when electrically imaging neuronal tissue. We are now taking our software suite MaxLab Live to the next level. For this, we are seeking a highly motivated software engineer to drive and implement this challenging task.


We are interested in motivated individuals from a variety of backgrounds, including Biotechnology, Engineering, Computer Science, and Marketing. For topics, see the open positions and projects below or contact us directly.

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