MaxWell Biosystems exhibited MaxOne at the BNA 2017 Festival of Neuroscience on April 10-13, 2017 at the ICC, Birmingham. BNA 2017 is one of the largest neuroscience conferences in Europe this year organized by the British Neuroscience Association.

Our MaxOne high-resolution technology attracted a lot of interest. And this is not just because of our magic levitation device, but much more because it allows to monitor neuronal activity at various scales, from full networks, to single-cell activity and even subcellular features.

We were fascinated by the large variety of neuroscientific questions discussed by the many experts that gathered in Birmingham. Or to quote John Isaac, Former Head of Neuroscience and Mental Health, The Welcome Trust: “BNA2017 is one of the largest international neuroscience meetings in Europe in 2017, and presents the ideal opportunity for neuroscientists around the world to discuss their science and their ideas, across both discipline boundaries and national borders”