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MaxWell Biosystems Interactive Workshop

MxW Summit 2023

Title: How to Functionally Characterize 2D and 3D Cell Cultures Long-Term using HD-MEAs – A MaxWell Biosystems Interactive Workshop

MaxTwo MultiWell HD-MEA System and MaxLab Live Software showcased live

About our workshop:
2D and 3D Cell Cultures derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells (h-iPSCs) are rapidly emerging as promising tools for the investigation of developmental and disease progression.

2D Cell Cultures are ideal for studying specific cellular and molecular mechanisms in neural development, function, disease, and a valuable tool for advancing our understanding of neural biology and for developing new therapeutic approaches for neurological disorders.

Self-organizing 3D cellular models allow for rapid, non-invasive, patient-tailored, and cost-effective drug screenings and disease modelling. Now, more than ever, the urge to assess organoids cell type composition, gene expression patterns and physiological function is evident.

The electrical activity of 2D and 3D cellular structures can now be easily captured using label-free samples, with MaxWell Biosystems’ High-Density Microelectrode Array (HD-MEA) technology! This powerful technology allows to observe, record, and analyze electrophysiological properties of electrogenic samples at network, single-cell, and sub-cellular levels at high-resolution.

During the workshop, the speakers will:

  • Live demo showcasing high-resolution functional imaging of neural 2D and 3D samples on MaxWell Biosystems’ HD-MEA platform
  • Presentation of results from neuronal samples using MxW HD-MEA technology.
  • Demonstration of the potential of HD-MEA technology for characterizing the physiological function of neural samples and for testing compounds

Speakers will showcase MxW HD-MEA technology to capture and monitor the electrophysiological properties of neural cell cultures, in a live demonstration, including organoids placement on the chip, followed by the observation and activity measurement of the organoids.

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