MaxWell Monthly Must-Reads (May 2020)

We hope you enjoyed the last Monthly Must-Reads about Neurons and Viruses. In the other months this year we mainly highlighted scientific topics such as Axons in January, Retina in February and last month we highlighted Organoids. This month we want to highlight a topic that complements the above four editions perfection! During times of COVID-19 and the significant amount of home-office hours, you might have more time to analyse all of your data. Therefore we have decided to pick five articles. that allow…

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MxW Team: Work from Home Experiences

The “new normal” is here. Strangers view each other warily in supermarkets over face masks, making sure to keep their distance. Family members try to avoid treading on each other’s toes as they adjust to being together 24 hours of the day. Virtual meeting rooms and remote workstations replace lively office chatter by the coffee machine. COVID-19 was upon us before we knew it, bringing with it isolation, worry about our loved ones, and unprecedented changes to our lifestyles and…

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MaxWell Monthly Must-Reads (April 2020)

For the past three months we have been publishing Monthly-Must Reads related to scientific applications. Our January edition was concerned with Axons, in February we provided five articles related to Retina and last month we highlighted Organoids. In the April edition we highlight a topic that is currently impacting all of us: COVID-19. To underline the impact and provide a more detailed explanation, and link between COVID-19 and other viruses and neurons, we have decided to pick five articles related to the link between neurons…

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MxW Team: Ski-Day

A snowy day in Flumserberg! MxW Ski-Day— to familiarize ourselves with the new surroundings of our office and to enjoy the winter season, the MxW Team travelled to Flumserberg on the 5th of March, to enjoy a snowy, cold and active day in the Swiss alps! The Journey At 7:06 AM, the Basel group gathered in SBB Platform 6 to take the train to Zurich. Upon arrival they joined the rest of the MxW Team to take the train together to the municipality…

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MaxWell Monthly Must-Reads (March 2020)

During this extraordinary period of the COVID-19 pandemic and while working from home, it is important to sometimes take a break. One way to make use of these breaks is to read up on the latest scientific publications. In order to help you select which papers to read, we publish a Monthly Must-Reads every four weeks. After the last two editions which highlight the topics of Axons  and Retina, we decided that for this  edition we will highlight five articles related…

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