HD-MEAs play a role in the functional characterization of human iPSC-derived dopaminergic neurons

Maria Sundberg from the Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and colleagues, recently reported in Nature Communications a study on the reciprocal copy number variations (CNVs) of 16p11.2 gene region, associated with a wide spectrum of neuropsychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders. For the functional analysis of the developing iPSC-derived dopaminergic (DA) neuron network, complementary-metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS)-based high-density microelectrode arrays (HD-MEAs), MaxOne System by MaxWell Biosystems was extensively used. 16p.11.2 Reciprocal copy number variations (CNVs) in neuropsychiatric disorders 16p.11.2 CNVs have been implicated in…

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Observing the activity of human-derived neurons in health and in disease

The combination of two technologies—induced pluripotent stem cells and high-density microelectrode arrays—offers an unprecedented platform to study human brain activity in detail outside the body.    Back in 2006, Prof. Yamanaka and colleagues revealed a technique to reprogram adult skin cells into embryonic-like cells called induced pluripotent stem cells or iPSCs. This Nobel Prize winning technology enables access to human neurons derived from adult blood or skin cells in a high-throughput manner, thus opening up the possibilities to study neurological…

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MaxWell Monthly Must-Reads (March 2021)

  It is already time for the last MaxWell Monthly Must-Reads edition of the first quarter of 2021. Last month we focused on the topic of  Simulation of extracellular neuronal spiking activity. In this edition we will focus on 3D Neural-Interfaces, and as always we selected five papers that we think are worth reading. Enjoy! Three-dimensional, multifunctional neural interfaces for cortical spheroids and engineered assembloids. by Park, Y., Franz, C. K., Ryu, H., Luan, H., Cotton, K. Y., Kim, J. U.,…

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MaxWell Monthly Must-Reads (February 2021)

  Welcome to our MaxWell Monthly Must-Reads blog. As mentioned in our previous edition, we will, this year again, share with you 12 new monthly must-reads! Each month we will choose a theme and select five papers that we think are worth reading. Last month we focused on the topic of Functional Connectivity in Neuronal Networks. For our second edition, we are featuring the Simulation of extracellular neuronal spiking activity. High-density microelectrode array (HD-MEA) devices feature hundreds to thousands of electrodes…

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MaxWell Monthly Must-Reads (December 2020)

  The year 2020 is almost over but we have one last edition of our monthly must-reads blog in store for you. This year we covered numerous topics, from applications (Retinal Organoids, Retina, Organoids, Human iPSC-Derived Neurons, Axons, Beta Cells) to MEA (MEA for drug screening, Burst Detection, Spike Sorting, Neuroengineering) and also wrote a special edition (Neurons and Viruses). In our December edition, we highlight the latest developments on Direction Selectivity in the Retina. We feature the article written by Matsumoto et al. which investigates the…

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